The 3 week diet is all about losing weight fast so this means diet, exercise and reducing your calories.

In health segment industry today losing weight has become quite a challenging task to achieve that has made various advertisers to launch differed campaigns or supplements for results. Unfortunately most of these programs fail to deliver result due to fake concept that is used widely with no extensive research.

Recently while watching online channels I observed a name “3 Week Diet’’, that promises to discover out underground calorie burning secrets and give high edge not just to lose weight but reduce entire pounds in short duration of time.

Further manufacturers have also mentioned that 3 Week Diet is widely used by famous celebrities, fitness experts and extreme bodybuilder however we were unable to search out individuals considering such diet program. The identity of creators remain hidden that is signaling red spot as it may not work well as per the promises made.

Further you need to know here that 3 Week Diet program is 96 page written manual book by Brian Flatt, and further offers 60 days money back guarantee if not satisfied with the results. The key inclusions of this book include introduction manual, diet manual, workout manual and motivation manual.

The Introduction manual

The introduction manual describes the prime sources that cause weight to gain and what necessary things to consider every time for staying in average shape and things to avoid. Further it also discusses about nutritional foods that must be included in every meal today. This would be the basic guide that awares the users regarding the reasons of weight gain and the side effect that overweight body may receive every time.

The Diet manual

The diet manual included in 3 Week Diet describes about the necessary steps to effort for losing weight according to body type and its requirement. It further describes the exact percentage of food that you need consume only without exceeding the limit. Here the top effort has been made on key dieting schedules to adopt and makes some safe moves for slim and stylish physique.

The Workout manual

The workout manual mentions clearly all basic and regular exercise schedules that are necessary to adopt for proper losing of weight. It has described some special exercise routines with proper step guidance that makes it easy for users to adopt.

The motivational manual

At last the motivational manual makes you get relaxed and improve the level of confidence after getting back to normal phase. Every user must make sure here that 3 Week Diet is not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition and its final result is not guaranteed to arrive equally on every individual. The 96 page book has not been evaluated by food and drug administration and user would be applying the procedures at their own risk.

The efficiency rate of this written manual diet program is not guaranteed at any cost because earlier there were many launches done but all went to be a big failure. Most of the users have mentioned negative comments about the book and this special guide is completely missing all reviews and recommendations that mean it’s a new launch to market.

The only conclusion to draw here is that author is not a know personality or any kind of fitness expert and whatever he has mentioned could be easily searched on internet, so why to waste money in this expensive guide.

How Does it Work?

According to theories mentioned by great author of 3 Week Diet Brian Flatt, individual’s body stores fat, which could be turned to energy resources by following some special process. The described steps to implement include…

Step 1

Whatever individual take in their food course it is not a possibility to detoxify those stuffs completely by body, especially the liver segment and intestine. These blocked sources are toxic wastes that literally restrict fat burning capacity of body. Brian has also mentioned that consumption of Vitamin D and A leads to healthy detoxification of body, which could also be added with 17 different vegetable categories. This step is most vital to adopt before following further approach towards weight loss aid and must be continued for a week at least.

Step 2

Here comes the second step after your detoxification process has completed after a week where you would be required to do a fasting of 24 hours at least. It has been mentioned in various medical studies that fasting is best and safest means of losing fat structure. Till 8th day you would be asked not to eat anything and afterwards on 9th day you may go for some light foods that are fat free.

Step 3

This final step involves taking on fat that helps even faster workout session for making you slim and stylish. You need to consume all nutritional meals only after calculating your BMR rate, which would continue from 12th to 20th day. Make sure you properly check your BMR rate before starting the calories intake that would definitely work in your favor, and seems to be the most critical process.

3 Week Diet program is suited for all male and female group, including those vegetarians and non vegetarians. Brian Flatt has briefly described all exclusive points that are must to take and implement every time for getting a slim physique. Make sure you really effort with steps mentioned accordingly if you are really serious to take. Note- this program is not any kind of magical pill that guarantees the result as it would only take your hard effort for describing outcomes.

Where to Buy?

To avail the subscription order of this book you may simply click any of the banners to get redirected on its official website and complete the ordering process. Further the pricing of 3 Week Diet program is done at $97 for its monthly subscription and afterwards it may charge higher price from user’s credit card. Further individuals may consider for money back guarantee within 60 days of order excluding the shipping charges. Further creators have mentioned that individuals who order the subscription today would get exclusive discount and avail the book at flat $47 only.